Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We have a large campus with several commercial kitchens for the employees. Every time we called a hood cleaning company they would schedule us on multiple dates which was very inconvenient. We found Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros online and they put a crew together that was large enough to do the job in one night. Great job!

Andrea McDaniel
Corporate Facilities Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

I hold a round table of restaurant owners in the area on a monthly basis.  Each month we pick a topic relative to our industry.  This month it was hood cleaning.  Many of the owners/manager spoke highly of Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros.  We tried them and were very satisfied and will use and recommend them in the future.

Jennifer Baker
Restaurant Kitchen Manager

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros is one of the best companies I have ever worked with.  They get us on their schedule right away, show up on time and get the job done.

Pat Pharris
Restaurant Owner

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

I have a food truck that serves a lot of burgers and fried foods.  The first time I tried cleaning the hood myself I was overwhelmed by the grease and the best way to dispose of it.  I called Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros and they arranged to come out to wherever my truck was parked and did a great job.  Totally worth having them clean it verses me.

Mark Hatzi
Food Truck Owner

Hood Cleaning Five Star Review

We own several upscale restaurants in the area and exclusively use Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros to clean our exhaust systems. They get the job done right the first time, every time.

Don Brooks
Restaurant Owner

A Letter From Seattle, Washington’s Greatest Restaurant Hood Cleaning & Maintenance Company….

Dear Seattle WA restaurant owner,

Hey, we’re the Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros.

Over the past several years, we have done thousands of restaurant exhaust hoods cleanings, modifications, and exhaust system rebuilds.

If you’re a restaurant owner, property manager, or in the commercial food industry you probably already know why it’s important to have your exhaust hood cleaned regularly.

It’s funny to think about some of the “dream jobs” we had growing up. Let us just say this, they didn’t have anything to do with cleaning restaurant grease. But hey, our team has come to love this. It is that hidden passion that we never knew we had.

We trained for years to become the best restaurant hood cleaning business in Seattle. And we’re damn proud of it.  We have expanded our company by partnering with Atlanta Hood Cleaning to help us with our national clients.

But, you could probably care less.  So let’s talk about you.

You’ve got a commercial kitchen and an exhaust system. Something’s up and you need a hood cleaner and maintenance guy.

Maybe it’s been inspected and didn’t pass. Or perhaps someone has been neglecting it. Or it could be that it’s in good shape, but you’re over the guy who has been doing your hood cleaning and hood filter maintenance.

Whatever the case, you want a restaurant hood cleaning company that you can count on.

You just want a clean restaurant hood and restaurant hood exhaust system!

Are we on the right track?

If so… and if you want the best hood cleaning pros in the Seattle, Washington area, call us now at 206-929-4133.

Thanks for visiting our website. Feel free to poke around. And don't hesitate to call or fill out the form if you have questions or interest. 

All the best,

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros

A Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service worth keeping around

Look, we get it. Maintenance companies come and go. There’s nothing more annoying than having a maintenance company that you thought you could count on and they let you down. When you’re working with Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros, you’re truly getting the best and we plan to stick around.

Our team trained for months and even years to become knowledgeable exhaust hood cleaning experts. Not only can we clean your kitchen exhaust hood system efficiently, but we can also maintain it appropriately.

Working on an exhaust hood system isn’t a simple task, and it’s best to have it done by professionals. In fact, your local board of health or insurance companies may recommend having a licensed professional do it for you. We can take apart your restaurant hood system, perform a thorough inspection, determine any risk factors, and repair and clean it all before we leave.

Our goal is to give you no reason to ever consider anyone else. We want to build a fun, professional and dependable relationship with you. We want you to be able to call us anytime you think you might have a hood system problem. Visit our About page to know more about our company.

Common Questions Asked of Seattle Hood Cleaning:

What all do you do?

Well, that’s not a short answer. We don’t just do hood cleaning. We can also pressure wash restaurant and kitchen floors, clean up your loading and dock area, steam/ pressure wash your sidewalk, and provide fire safety solutions. For a full list of our awesome services, visit the additional services page.

Why is it so important to have a clean exhaust system?

Uh…two words: fire hazard. When grease builds up in an exhaust system, it can get super nasty. The grease can become very hot and ignite. The next thing you know, your restaurant will be up in flames and you’ll be all over the news. We can think of better ways to get some publicity. If you want further details on commercial kitchen fire prevention, hop on over to our fire prevention page.

What cities do you serve?

Seattle and anywhere close by. Call us to find out if we can service your restaurant. We love to help a guy (or gal) if we can.

What types of restaurants do you typically clean?

We can do it all. We are experienced hood cleaners and we are capable of cleaning up any type of restaurant up to code. Our most popular businesses to clean are those who fry a lot (for obvious reasons).

How much is this going to cost me?

Your final restaurant hood cleaning cost depends on three main things:

  • The size of your restaurant
  • The condition of your equipment
  • The type services you would like (pressure washing, steam cleaning, maintenance, replacement of equipment or accessories, etc.)

Your cost can vary. Call us or visit our Contact page so we can discuss your needs in detail and give you a realistic estimate.

What’s the next step?

Call us at 206-929-4133. If email works better, please use the form halfway up this page.

CLICK-TO-CALL (206) 929-4133

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