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Finding a hood cleaning service company that’s worth your time and money shouldn’t be hard. Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros strives to be the best hood cleaning business in Seattle. We often go above and beyond our line of duty to ensure that your restaurant or commercial kitchen is truly shining.

We built our business on the foundation of helping other businesses grow.

Seriously. There is something truly rewarding about watching a humble, quiet business just sky rocket. While how great of food you can serve up plays a major role in this–so does the cleanliness of your restaurants. Restaurants that have positive reviews by the board of health are more likely to attract customers and positive customer reviews.

So how do you get there? We’ll leave the cooking to you, if you’ll leave the cleaning to us. We will gladly take on the task of performing your regular hood cleaning services. Hood cleaning is very important in a restaurant as it helps keep unwanted pests at bay and prevent grease fires.

A regular hood cleaning is required by most insurance companies and the board of health. A regular cleaning of the hood system helps prevent grease fires by eliminating grease build up. Hood systems get very hot, grease that becomes too hot can ignite. If you ever talk to a fire fighter who has dealt with a major grease fire, they will tell you it’s particularly complicated. So, let’s not be that business that went down in flames, okay?

Finally, a hood cleaning service company that you can count on.

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros strives to outshine competitors on every level. That’s why we’ve hired a team of trained and licensed hood cleaners. Not only can we adequately address your hood cleaning needs, but we can perform maintenance and clean kitchen equipment too.

Our team will always show up on time and ready to work. When we are on site, we will always treat you, your employees, your clientele and your property with total respect. We know, it’s always a little awkward when you have strangers coming in and invading your space. So we’ll try our best to keep it cool and not-so-awkward.

When you’re working with Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros, you’re working with the best hood cleaning service company in Seattle, Washington. There’s no doubt about it, and we aren’t afraid to shout it.

Hood cleaning services that we offer:

  • Traditional hood cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning
  • Fire extinguisher service
  • Commercial kitchen fire prevention

We are diverse so that we can help you SHINE. If you have a commercial kitchen cleaning project that you need tackled, call us. We’re always glad to offer our services. We are excited to do business with you.



Seattle Hood Cleaning is licensed, bonded, and ready to serve all of your commercial kitchen cleaning needs.

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