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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Service

When you choose to work with Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros, have comfort in knowing that you are working with the best restaurant maintenance company in the business. We have extensive training and many years of experience under our belts. That being said, we know that when you're in the restaurant business a functioning hood system isn't the only thing you have to worry about. You've got an entire kitchen to take care of back there. That's why we offer additional services, including commercial kitchen equipment cleaning.

We are a team of trained professionals who are efficient in maintaining and cleaning all types of commercial kitchen equipment. This includes exhaust hoods, hood systems, exhaust fans, exhaust fan hinges, dishwashers, filters, etc. If you have kitchen equipment that you would like cleaned, call us.

We use only FDA approved chemicals and the latest cleaning technologies. We commonly use advanced pressure washers and steam cleaners. As trained professionals, we can not only clean your equipment so that it looks great, but we can take it apart and put it back together appropriately.

A step closer to commercial kitchen safety

Part of our job is to ensure that your kitchen is a safe and efficient setting for food preparation. As part of our training, we learn about fire prevention and commercial kitchen fire hazards. By calling us to clean your commercial kitchen equipment, you are also taking an important step towards commercial kitchen fire prevention.

We will inspect your commercial kitchen equipment, note any potential problems and inform you. When we clean it, we will clean it thoroughly and safely. The removal of grease itself is a safe practice, since grease is a high fire hazard in commercial kitchens. If you need a part, talk to us. Perhaps we can get the part for you, or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

By the way, we also provide restaurant fire extinguisher services. If you're interested in having your fire extinguisher serviced or replaced, connect with us.

Benefits of a commercial kitchen equipment cleaning

Reduce fire hazard

By choosing to have your commercial kitchen equipment cleaned, you will reap many benefits. The greatest benefits is probably that you are greatly reducing your risk for fire. If your restaurant does a lot of frying, you will have a lot of grease build up. Grease build up is highly dangerous because of its tendency to cause fires.

Many restaurant owners neglect their kitchen equipment because they don't think that it could cause a problem like a hood system. While a hood system is highly important to keep cleaned, you also don't want to neglect the rest of your kitchen. Grease can accumulate in your other kitchen equipment as well. If that grease becomes too hot or comes in contact with any type of smoke, it can spark a nasty grease fire.

Reduce the risk of unwanted pests

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are notorious for having cockroach problems. That's because of the constant shipping of food in cardboard boxes. Roaches lay eggs and make their habitat in cardboard boxes. Not to mention they are incredibly sneaky little creatures who can hide from you easily. There are a few key things you can do to help eliminate a roach infestation:

  1. Get rid of card board boxes. We know, it's easy storage for food and what not, but seriously...they are breeding in your refrigerator. If you can afford to get an adequate set of containers for your shipped food, do it and toss those cardboard boxes immediately. Surely someone can afford an extra 30 minutes to transfer food from cardboard boxes.
  2. Have kitchen  and kitchen equipment cleaned regularly. This is not just a sales point--seriously. The more gunk you let build up in that stuff, the more pests you're going to attract. You can make a habit of cleaning your equipment regularly yourself. However at some point it will need to be addressed professionally. We can talk about that at our consultation appointment.
  3. Have an FDA approved pest company come out. We're not bug people, but if you have a bug problem give the local bug guy a call (not being paid to say that by the way!).

Having a really freaking clean kitchen

Yes. Sparkling. Who doesn't love walking into a crispy clean kitchen?

If you are in need of a commercial kitchen equipment cleaning, call us today at (206)929-4133. We are located in the Seattle area, but who care's where we're located. We are coming to YOU!

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