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Seattle restaurant cleaning services

Count on us for cleaning up those messes that you wonder how they got there to begin with.

Ah, the life of running a restaurant. It's not exactly a stroll in the park, is it? Ha! Of course it's not. It's damn chaotic. Plates are dropping, sauces are flying, people are shouting, and hey, the food's really good.

What we're trying to say is that we know there are many stresses that come with running a restaurant and it's pretty easy to let some stuff go for too long. Like that barbecue sauce that has been stuck on the ceiling since last year...

Daily cleaning of commercial kitchens is a great practice, but sometimes months of build-up is nearly impossible to remove. That's why Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros offers restaurant cleaning services to the Seattle area.

Seattle Hood Cleaning pros has many years of experience in restaurant cleaning services.When you're working with us, you're working with the best.  We are a team that is made up of professionals and have the knowledge and expertise it takes to ensure that a commercial kitchen is cleaned to code.

Some areas we can address include:

  • Restaurant cleaning
  • Bar cleaning
  • Nightclub cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Rooftop cleaning

We only use the most innovative pressure washing and steam cleaning technologies. We will leave your commercial kitchen or bar looking brand new. Some things we can also do is floor stripping, ceiling steaming, steam carpet cleaning, and more.

Just because you have random sauce stains all over the place, doesn't mean you can't run a restaurant or that you're a total slob. Commercial food businesses and restaurants are incredibly difficult to keep clean. Restaurants and kitchens are notorious for generating grease, carbon and grime daily. It happens!

The mess that accumulates over time like that isn't going to scrub away with daily cleaning. It’s going to take a professional restaurant cleaning service. Your equipment will need taken apart and put back together properly, inspected and cleaned in compliance with the local code.

This isn't something you should try at home...

Silly joke Probably not as funny as we'd like it to be. Our point is, deep cleaning your commercial kitchen on your own isn't something we'd recommend. That's not just because want your business either. It's because you could land yourself in a real predicament.

When  you perform deep cleaning, it requires that you take apart your kitchen equipment. In doing this,  you could damage equipment or violate board of health regulations. Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros is knowledgeable of the local codes and will inspect and clean all of your kitchen equipment to the highest standards.

We’ve got the proper tools and equipment that it takes to clean your commercial restaurant. Luckily, the gear we have for hood cleaning will work for other equipment in the restaurant as well.

People like you keep us going everyday.

Seriously. We got into the commercial restaurant cleaning business for a reason. We want your business. Your satisfaction is important to us and we’ll strive every day to impress you. Call us today to talk about your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. We will be glad to offer you our kitchen cleaning services in the Sacramento, California area.

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