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Hood Cleaning Tacoma WA Car MueseumThe Museum of Glass is a popular attraction in Tacoma, Washington for both tourists and locals.  There is live glassmaking where visitors can watch artists create works of art with glass.  The gallery has beautiful exhibitions which have a wide range of motivations and meanings.  They host many events year-round so for those who are on vacation, they can pre-plan a visit to the museum.

Another favorite place to visit is the LeMay -  America’s Car Museum.   Their exhibits include a British Invasion, Route 66, Master Collectors and Powering the Future Learning Lab.  For the best experience, it is recommended attendees purchase the White Glove VIP Tour.  It allows admission to the full museum and seventy-five to ninety-minute guided tours.  One can get a photo-op with DeLorean as well as access to Club Auto.

Tacoma, Washington is about thirty-two miles southwest of Seattle.  It is a booming community with an estimated population of a little over two hundred thousand.  It is a popular destination for vacationers and that means there is a lot of competition for the restaurant business.

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros is one of the busiest hood cleaning companies in the Seattle/Tampa area.  Hood cleaning is the process of removing grease, dust, mildew, and dirt that is accumulated in the commercial kitchen exhaust system.  They use the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 guidelines as their cleaning bible.

In Tacoma, How Often Should a Commercial Kitchen Have their Hoods Cleaned?

Tacoma Museum of GlassThe industry standards for exhaust cleaning depends on how often the kitchen is used.  If the kitchen is used only up to six hours a day, it is recommended they are cleaned every twelve months.  If a system is used up to twelve hours per day, they should have a professional clean it every six months.   If a commercial kitchen is in service up to sixteen hours per day, they should have a hood cleaning done once every quarter.

There may be some cases, depending on the fuel used to cook, the recommendation for hood cleaning would be once a month.

What are Some Signs the Exhaust System Should be Cleaned in Tacoma?

If the restaurant owner/manager detects a strong smell of grease, they should have it cleaned immediately.  Other things to keep a watch for is rattling of the fans, rusted or broken hinges, and mold or mildew odors.

Grease has the bad habit of creeping into those hard to reach places.  Once there, it can become a magnet for insects and rodents.  If a restaurant owner/manager notices small droppings they need to get a professional in as soon as possible.  They come out at night and crawl all over cooking areas and prepping areas and can contaminate surfaces.

We Eat at Your Restaurant Too so we Would Like to do a Review of Your Restaurant in Tacoma.

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros employees go to restaurants in Tacoma too.  We would love to do a review of your restaurant.  We have three places we can post a review; our website, Yelp and Google Reviews.  When possible, we do a link back to your website which is powerful when doing a search.

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