Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmares

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 5Gordon visits Casa Roma in Lancaster, California, which is the oldest restaurant in the area. What happened to the restaurant’s business? Gordon was able to save the restaurant on time. We run a commercial kitchen cleaning company. These stories are fascinating to us as hood cleaning specialists.

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmares Recap

The couple bought the restaurant in despair with the intention of making it profitable again. They were not experienced enough to run the restaurant, so their bar is full and their restaurant is empty.

Gordon meets the owners when he arrives. The bar does not have windows so he discovers a bustling bar, but an empty restaurant. Gordon reads the menu, orders food, and then notices bits and pieces of tissue and food at the back of the booth.

The food takes a while to arrive and Gordon notices that the blinds are stained even though there is a cleaner in the restaurant. Eric defends Gordon’s critiques of his food, and blames poor quality food on his bad day.

Eric doesn’t pay attention to Drew, the sous-chef, and it results in long wait times. Gordon noticed how many foods were sent back to the kitchen undercooked, and he angrily closed the restaurant.

Gordon visits the walk-in next day and finds moldy food and unidentifiable defrosting. He also discovers 3-month-old ribs. He uses a blue ultraviolet light to inspect the bathrooms. The bathroom ceiling, walls and floor are covered in bodily fluids.

Drew is challenged by Gordon to cook a fresh pizza, while Gordon prepares a frozen pizza for them. Drew makes Nylah a fresh pizza and Nylah says that the frozen cooked pizza tastes just like the old one.

The restaurant is given a complete makeover inside and out. Nyla and her staff were truly surprised and delighted to see Casa Roma, the beautiful new pizzeria.

Gordon organizes a contest for pizza to celebrate Casa Roma’s 50th anniversary and introduces the place as the new pizzeria.

Customers start to arrive at the restaurant on the night of the relaunch. Drew is assisted by Jimmy, Nylah’s young son. Gordon is frustrated when one table returns food twice because it has been undercooked. Calzone is so large that Jimmy is baking, Gordon tells him to reduce the size. Drew is under immense pressure, and the kitchen becomes backed up. Drew takes a moment to regroup and then takes over the kitchen in a dramatic turnaround. Now orders are coming in much faster. The customers love the food, and the relaunch was a huge success. Gordon informs them that he is pleased with the turnaround, and they must continue to do great work.

Drew steps in and the food leaves quickly. The customers are impressed, and the relaunch is a success.Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 4

Revisiting Casa Roma

Gordon visits Casa Roma, Lancaster one year after the restaurant’s relaunch. Chef Drew is no longer there. Gordon is shocked to see Q (Chef at Sebastian’s, the other Gordon restaurant relaunched). Gordon speaks with Q about Sebastian’s. Q informs Gordon that the owner disappeared one day. Gordon makes sure that the walk-in freezer is clean and the place and kitchen are spotless.

Casa Roma was briefly renamed CR Roadhouse mid-2015. It is believed that all staff members worked there after Nico’s, a local restaurant, closed. They also changed their menu.

Casa Roma will close its doors permanently on July 1, 2010. It will be a sad month. However, it is inevitable that things will turn out this way.

The Comment Section

Here’s a recap of some of your social media comments about Casa Roma and the show.

“Because bars in residential areas are not profitable, especially when they offer inedible food. It was not urine that was visible from the ceiling, which I suspect is why it was so disgusting. Perhaps that’s how lazy Chef Eric created his “special sauce.”

“Dirty kitchen and dining room bathroom is a sign that the owner doesn’t care anymore in GR words… Wake Up!”

“We went back a few times after Gordon’s magic, and it was wonderful. I haven’t been in a while so I don’t know how it is now.

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 3“Often I feel that they just Ramsay spend on makeover the restaurants+advertisings. It is clear who respects him. Their restaurants are still open, while other closed !!!!!”.

“The history of this restaurant was so bizarre. After the episode was re-aired, the menu was changed back to the original without any reason. Nylah didn’t like the original menu, so they rebranded and basically redid the changes Ramsay made. They made another change, and rebranded it to make it look like a new location. They could have saved so much time and money by staying the same throughout. Q is the only one I feel sorry for. He went from one nightmare into another (though he should have known better that he wasn’t a part of Sebastian’s).

They are earning less than 100 dollars per evening and their rapid-fire relationship with chefs has left them searching for a good job. In a span of two years, they have fired and hired over 20 chefs.