What is IKECA?

IKECA is an international trade organization that represents kitchen exhaust cleaning specialists as well as inspectors of commercial kitchen exhaust system.

IKECA’s Mission and History

In 1989, a small group from exhaust kitchen cleaning experts met to form the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association. They discovered that all of them had the same needs and beliefs regarding the importance and proper hood cleaning of exhaust to fire protection. Two years later, the founders created the first trade association in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

IKECA was established as a standards-developer in 2009 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). IKECA was able to contribute to the development of standards for hood cleaning, inspecting and maintaining commercial kitchen exhaust systems. ANSI has accepted these standards and others have been referenced by other ANSI organizations (National Fire Protection Association, International Code Council), as well as by jurisdictions throughout the US.

This is only the beginning. IKECA has members around the world and continues to be a leader in continuing education and certification.

Explanation of Certification

Kitchen exhaust is expanding at an incredible rate and technology is constantly changing. IKECA developed certification programs that allow individuals to stay on top of changes in codes, standards, and technology that impact everyone in the industry.

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros employees can hold both the certifications.

CECS: Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist

The Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist is for highly-skilled and experienced individuals who lead their team. Each Active Member must have at minimum one CECS-certified employee.

CECT: Certified Exhaust Cleaner Technician

Certified Exhaust Cleaner Technician (CECT), is the beginning of your career as a hood cleaner. It’s designed for crew members who work under the supervision and guidance of a Certified Exhaust Cleaner Specialist (CECS).

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