Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares

La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 5Learn what happened at Le Bistro when Gordon Ramsay visited it and what has changed since then. We own a hood cleaning business and are constantly faced with kitchen nightmares. This is why we love these stories.

Episode Recap

Le Bistro aired March 11, 2010. The episode was filmed July 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares episode 3.

Gordon requests Andy to cook his signature dishes, instead of ordering from the menu.

Gordon meets Andy afterwards and informs him that the food is too old-fashioned, as it was made in the 80s.

Gordon later observes the dinner service, and notices that Andy refuses to let waiters take orders.

After an hour, only a handful of orders have left the kitchen. The food is almost immediately sent back.

Andy refuses to listen to customers and asks them to change the menu.

Andy defends his system, claiming that he is the only one who cooks and takes orders. This slows down the process enough to allow him to keep up.

Andy becomes defensive once more and asks “Are you looking to see naked women dancing on tables? What are you looking at?” They will be grateful.

They all met again the next morning to view a new sign and open up the interior space as the booths were removed.

Gordon and Andy cooked side-by-side on the new menu items, which were presented to the delights of staff.

Andy was not responsive, but he communicates more when he’s back at work and Hendrick supports him.

Revisiting Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares

Andy is now more relaxed and less stressed. Gordon asked Andy to surprise him by bringing his lunch.

It could be that stubbornness is a good quality. Gordon took a long time to get Andy to accept change and to tear down the walls. Perhaps it’s because he is stubborn, Andy has remained the same, unlike many other owners.

It was refreshing to see someone actually wake up and not just pretend it. It was so quick and it didn’t take any other catastrophes to make it happen. He was running his own business and treating his employees (and his spouse) horribly. He didn’t allow his laziness to stop him from making the necessary changes.

The Comment Section

“Folks it doesn’t matter what Andy’s place looks like, but that is what matters. We would see this place close if he were even a fraction of what he is. He has made a change… No matter if he is commenting here or not, his willingness to be open seems to speak for all of us consumers. You must enjoy the food and services. My two cents worth.

He was able turn his business around, and made it a success. We got some snapshots of their lowest point. But we, the ones on the other side of this screen, are bound by our perceived freedom and the requisite right to make judgments about a man’s character and marriage based only on these brief moments. Preposterous. It is absurd. Although one may have some disdain for Ramsey and the Owners’ on-air personalities, any more sweeping statements beyond the superficial based only on what is available is lunacy.

“Genuinely stunned that this one is still available. Andy would be more inclined to cook from his own recipes than from others, I was certain.

“His wife, a goddess and is a jerk, but he has turned the business around since he was hit over his head (figuratively), a few times.”

“It was one of the most impressive chef transformations I have seen since Gordon’s kitchen nightmare. You went from angry Andy to calm and determined (on a positive note, for sharing and learning knowledge). Kudos! You and your wife make a great team! God Bless your family and your business!La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 7

“Frankly, I believe the poor man was already depressed at the start and was already blaming others. This is how most men would justify their actions. Although he isn’t perfect, he’s a man who accepts that some changes are necessary. His wife knows him better then anyone, and she did not leave. It was great to see the end result. If the place is still in operation, that’s even better. It was obvious that he had excellent hygiene in the kitchen. These shows were not on television, so I don’t know much about them. Some places you just know won’t make it. This guy is hardworking and I wish them success for as long as possible.”

“It’s no wonder that our country is so chaotic after reading the clueless comments of some of your closet reality show shrinks. He is disrespectful to his customers, his wife and his staff. This is not being stubborn. Gordon was able to bring him down because he was a bully and pompous. He was a bully and a jerk.”

Le Bistro remains open seven years after filming. This alone is sufficient evidence to show Andy doesn’t post comments here. Ramsay’s support has made his business very successful.

“WOW Le Bistro still open today, with 4 stars on Yelp? Fantastic! Gordon Ramsay’s direction helped Andy to become a great success in his restaurant. Happy New Year 2019! Keep up the great work and be happy.

La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 8“This episode shows the power of editing magic. Andy is a stubborn chef, who refuses to listen to his customers or anything GR says. He suddenly changes his mind, seemingly for no apparent reason. Many people have said that he wasn’t as stubborn or as stuck in his old ways, as some others have suggested. Ramsay’s criticism may have been a mix of unrelated comments, making it appear that Andy wouldn’t listen. Perhaps he didn’t agree with some of GR’s criticisms. However, his sudden transformation doesn’t make sense if he is really the same person he was at the start. This is especially true considering that nothing dramatic happened to explain this sudden change. It’s great that the restaurant is now open and doing well. This is something that is very rare in these Kitchen Nightmares restaurants.