Tips on How Often Your Kitchen Hood Should Be Cleaned

Hood Cleaning SeattleDo you remember when your kitchen vent was last cleaned? In order to avoid kitchen fires, your vent must be cleaned regularly. Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros guarantees your kitchen’s safety by providing thorough and affordable commercial Hood Cleaning services.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Reasons

Commercial hoods may need to be cleaned in order to prevent grease accumulating in the conduit work. This can lead, among other things, to serious problems.

Disease Prevention

Grease can attract vermin to range hood cleanings, which promote hygiene.

Ventilation with Enhanced Technology

An exhaust hood cleaning in the kitchen stops lingering steam, smoke, and smells from trapped foods particles from permeating your restaurant.

Code Compliance

Commercial kitchen owners who want their fire code compliance to be maintained must follow routine commercial hood cleanings.

Reduce insurance premiums

Insurance companies enjoy rewarding responsible kitchen owners by offering a discount on their rates, as an incentive to keep the kitchen clean.

Lower Fire Risk

Professional range hood cleaners will thoroughly inspect and scour your vents to minimize the possibility of kitchen fires.

Follow the NFPA’s Kitchen Hood Cleaning Requirements to Improve Fire Safety

To clean the exhausts and hoods in restaurant kitchens, the NFPA requires that they have a certified staff. They have a cleaning schedule.

  • QUARTERLY, Systems for high volume cooking operations such 24-hour cooking or charbroiling.
  • SEMIANNUALLY Systems serving medium-volume cooking operations
  • ANNUALLY Systems serving low volume cooking operations such as churches, day camp, seasonal businesses, senior centers or day camps

According to NFPA Kitchen Hood Cleaner requirements, “Upon inspection, if discovered to be contaminated from grease-laden vapors and deposits, the entire exhaust system shall being cleaned by a properly skilled, qualified and certified company (or person(s ).”Hood Cleaning Seattle

To remove combustible materials, it is important to clean hoods, grease removal device, fans, and ducts before surfaces are heavily contaminated.

You can access the free “NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Facilities” catalog on the NFPA site for more information and a deeper understanding of requirements.

The entire exhaust system includes hood, filters fan, fan, and all other horizontal and/or vertical ductwork.

What time to clean your commercial hood?

  • It is best to clean the commercial hood as soon as possible
  • You notice that your kitchen hood is not clearing any smoke.
  • Your motor is much louder.
  • You have been consistently making a lot of different dishes.
  • You notice persistent odors.
  • You’re planning to prepare a large dinner.

How Often Should You Clean Restaurant/Commercial Hoods?

It depends on what type of hood you have, and how often it is used. You might need to clean the commercial or restaurant hood more often. Restaurant hoods and commercial hoods should be cleaned at least once a month to ensure safety of customers as well as staff. Some establishments, such as hospitals, may only need to clean their vents every 90 day.

If you have a residential cooktop and often eat takeout, then seasonal cleanings should be enough for your home to stay safe. But, it is best to be safe than sorry and book frequent inspections. No matter which type of hood, you should replace your filter at least two to three times each month.

How to clean your range hood

You may wonder how to clean kitchen hoods effectively so that all the grease is gone. Commercial hood cleaning requires several steps.

  • Start by opening or closing your reusable filter.
  • Use a dishwasher-safe cleaning agent and degreaser if the filter is charcoal. In that case, it will need to replaced.
  • Then rinse and scrub the filter. Place the filter back in your commercial hood.
  • Spray on the degreaser, and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. After that, scrub and rinse.
  • You can also clean the grease from the vent.
  • Contact a professional to get rid of all the grease stuck in your vent.
  • Clean the blower wheel using the same degreaser.
  • If your fan is still not performing well, you might consider replacing it.
  • Get help from professionals

Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros will provide professional kitchen hood cleaning services in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros brings over 40 years worth of cleaning experience to the table and provides services for leading chain restaurants.

No matter what type of hood you have, our highly qualified technicians are available to inspect and repair your property on your time.

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